Integrity is always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, and even when the choice isn't easy.
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When the two Mac’s, Paul McCracken and Bill McPherson, created the company in 1959, they laid the foundation for what quickly became one of the most successful lumber and plywood wholesale companies in the United States. That foundation was based on uncompromising integrity and professionalism with our customers and suppliers alike. Throughout the 1960’s Tumac expanded rapidly by focusing on buying and selling North American wood products. In the 1970’s Tumac moved into the international markets including Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. As the next generation of employees took over in the 1990’s the company again significantly grew with further development of offshore supply serving the needs of industrial users and manufacturers in North America. In early 2010, we established the operating division Tumac Commodities expanding into the specialty food and feed as well as commodity markets.

Founded in Portland, Oregon, Tumac trades goods around the world and distributes wood products through our wholly owned subsidiaries, Disdero Lumber in Clackamas, Oregon and Specialty Wood Products in Aurora, Colorado.

Today, Tumac actively maintains strategic inventories in over 50 locations throughout North America.

The integrity and vision of our founders continues to serve the company’s success today. Tumac remains closely held by a select group of key and active employees, just as it did over 60 years ago. Our trade merchants are industry known performers averaging over 20 years of experience. A testament to our success is not only our longevity but our financial strength. We have been profitable every year since inception despite the significant challenges in the market over these many years. This comes from conservative management, an eye for the future and the integrity and professionalism our long-time suppliers and customers have come to rely on.

As our world changes Tumac continues to challenge our business model to maintain your trust, bring exemplary service, and deliver on price. We thank our many customers and suppliers for their on-going support and look forward to new opportunities.